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About us

ZOOPA is a brand new online resource for everything cars where you can research any car's valuation and depreciation, including your own through our large VIN-number database.

It's the first of its kind in South Africa providing more than 200 car details on millions of vehicles. This kind of information is unsurpassed by any other car database in the country.

Yet, it's not about how amazing ZOOPA is, but rather about how you can use our information to empower yourself – especially in a country where owning a car is an essential occupational requirement and social status symbol. For us, the consumer is champion and our aim is to add some refreshing and revolutionary transparency to the car industries.

You will now be able to research all the particulars of new and used cars before you visit the dealership or make that all-important purchase. We're also launching with a mobile application that allows you to tag and favourite a car when you see it in real life (at a dealership for example).

You'll start building up your own car profile called MyCars that will host all of your own cars and favourites and eventually also your speeding fines, mileage logs, eTags, service history, accident reports and more.

You'll also be able to manage your car finances and insurance from the site and use our calculators for instalments and amortisation calculations.

For detailed car specifications, current and future vehicle valuations, comparisons, peer recommendations and useful buying and selling guides – ZOOPA it!